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Warning Signs You’re At The Wrong Dental Office

You’re not a dentist, but you have to trust one to take care of your dental needs. So how do you know you’re at the best dental office in Boulder? The answer is simple to your dentist in Boulder because they understand the intricacies and complexity of proper dental care. However, as a patient, you need to know some general guidelines to determine if the dentist you’re seeing is taking care of you the right way.

Nine Dental Red Flags

Red Flag #1 – Your Old Dental Records Are Not Requested

It’s common for dental offices to request your old dental records to better serve your oral health needs. If your current dental office has not requested your records from your previous dental offices, then you need to question whether or not your current dental office is doing their best to serve you comprehensively.

Red Flag #2 – The Office Is Using Old Technology

We don’t expect you to know what kind of dental technology you need to have used during your dental procedures and treatments, but you can ask your dentist. If the dental technology or equipment is more than 10 years old, it’s time you found a new dentist. Dental technology is always advancing, making it easier for patients to get better dental treatment.

Red Flag #3 – Sterile Protocol Is Broken

Before you have a dental treatment or procedure completed, watch where the dentist or assistant gets the dental instruments. Instruments in any case should be washed between patients. Also, your dentist and dental assistant should always wear gloves while working on you. Finally, any instruments specific to your procedure may need to be removed from packaging. If you have any concerns, ask your dentist immediately.

Red Flag #4 – You Have To Ask For Oral Cancer Screenings

Your dentist should offer the screening to you when you have your bi-annual checkups. Although oral cancer is rare, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Make sure and discuss this with your dentist, whether they offer it or not. You may need to switch to a different dentist in Boulder for screenings.

Red Flag #5 – Overzealous About Extensive Work

In most cases, your dental treatment does not need extensive work. If you’ve been neglecting your oral health for years without brushing and flossing routinely, and participate in unhealthy oral habits, you may need some extensive dental work. However, if your dentist is constantly recommending serious dental work or the dental work recommended changes each time you’re in their dental office, you need to find a new dentist in Boulder.

Red Flag #6 – Their Reputation Is Negative

Whether you like your dentist or not, make sure their reputation is on par with the industry. A dentist that has a bad reputation does so for a reason. Check into why their reputation is not ideal, and see if the reason is cause for concern.

Red Flag #7 – They Don’t Show Their Work

If you’re in the dental office for any treatment or procedure, primarily cosmetic, you should be able to ask for reference to their past work. If they don’t have any, you may want to consider changing dentists. Although your dentist may not prioritize creating a portfolio of their work, it’s better to see what kind of work you will be getting before you get it.

Red Flag #8 – They Hard-Sell Caps or Crowns

Yes, you may need a dental crown to remedy a deteriorated or cracked tooth, but there are other, less invasive options to consider before jumping straight to a dental crown or cap. Ask why the dentist believes you need a crown. Get a second opinion from another dentist in Boulder. Do your due diligence.

Reg Flag #9 – They Treat You Like An Account Number

For most, a gentle, kind dentist is the ideal professional to encounter. The dental office can be scary for some, expensive for others, and downright time-consuming for almost anyone. You probably don’t’ want to be treated like another number on a screen. Instead, seek out a patient dentist willing to answer you questions and care for your oral health.

Contact Your Dentist in Boulder

At Boulder Dental Designs, we understand you have a lot to consider when visiting your local dental office. We understand that you may be afraid, have a tight budget, or unsure of how long you actually need to be in the dental chair. That’s why we offer a comfortable, relaxing environment to our patients. Our dentist and staff are here for you and your oral health first. Need to see your dentist? Contact us today!

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5 Ways To Enhance Your Smile

It’s early in the morning and you flick the bathroom light on. The brightness forces your eyes to adjust, and you step in front of your mirror. You yawn. Then you notice your teeth. They’re crooked, misshapen, and one is chipped. A sinking feeling fills your stomach. You feel as though you’ll never get anywhere in life with a less than desirable smile.

You start to think of all the times you’ve smiled at people in the last week, and the number of times no one smiled back.

What would have happened the last time you were slotted for a promotion?

Did you miss out on finding the love of your life because of your teeth?

You tear your eyes away from the mirror and start your morning routine.

If this is how most mornings go for you, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans across the nation feel as though if they had a better smile their life would be different. What most of them don’t know is that cosmetic dentistry is affordable; they simply have to find a dentist in Boulder to help them. At Boulder Dental Designs, we’re here to help enhance your smile so you can find confidence and live your best life. Don’t go another day wondering if your smile is the reason why not. Contact us today and make your smile the reason why you’re succeeding in life. Here are seven ways you can rejuvenate your smile:

Enhance Your Smile

Teeth Whitening

If you simply want a whiter, brighter smile, you can trust your dentist in Boulder to professionally whiten your teeth. It’s a relatively easy treatment, and can take between one and three visits to get the results you want. Some patients even see their smile get shades brighter in as little as one visit. Make sure you speak with your dentist about how you want your teeth whitened. Boulder Dental Designs offers in-office and at-home treatment options.

Dental Crown

Do you have discolored or badly shaped teeth? Are you tired of people looking at your smile and grimacing? Dental Crowns are a great way to cap otherwise undesirable looking teeth with porcelain. The material is durable and is a great cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile.

Dental Veneers

If your teeth are misshapen, discolored, or chipped, dental veneers are a great cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile. Veneers are porcelain shells that are placed over your existing teeth, and they give you a bright white smile you can be proud of with little to no effort. Your dentist in Boulder will make the veneers look like your natural smile.

Braces or Invasalign

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Braces may be the answer to your smile doubts. Start with aligning your teeth and then use teeth whitening to brighten things up a bit. Straightening your teeth can do more than just make your smile look better. You will notice improved function like chewing or talking with straighter teeth.

Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth? How about a tooth that’s infected or needs to be pulled? Your smile is not complete with less than all of your teeth. If you want to fill in the gaps and give your friends, family, and colleagues a full, beautiful smile, consider getting a dental implant. Not only will you gain the aesthetic benefits, but you will improve your oral health by filling in the gap.

Professional Cleaning

That’s right! Getting your teeth professionally cleaned can help enhance your smile. You will foster better oral health and get rid of any plaque or tartar collecting between your teeth or along your gum lines.

Dental Bonding

If you have chipped or cracked teeth, you can schedule a dental bonding appointment with your dentist in Boulder. Bonding allows your dentist to fix your teeth without any level of an invasive surgery. A straight, full smile simply looks better.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder

It can be disheartening to dislike your smile. At Boulder Dental Designs in Boulder, we understand your heartache. Most patients believe cosmetic dentistry is expensive and unaffordable. In fact, cosmetic treatments are affordable and easy to schedule with your boulder dentist. Don’t go another day disliking your smile. Contact us today and enhance your grin!

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5 Most Common Dental Treatments

Going to the dentist can feel terrifying and overwhelming. It can make you nervous and anxious. What’s going to happen? Why do I need dental work? Which dental procedure do I need? You most likely have more questions than you do answers.

At Boulder Dental Designs, we understand that visiting a dental office is unnerving, but it doesn’t have to be. In this post, we’ll share some of the most common dental procedures in the industry and how serious they are on a scale of one to 10 (10 being the most serious). We hope that this information will convince you that the best decision you can make for your oral health is to stop by our practice and schedule your next appointment.

Common Dental Procedures

Procedure #1 – Fillings and maintenance

This is one of the most common dental procedures dentists take care of for patients. The seriousness of this procedure is between a one and two, seeing that it’s non-invasive and rarely requires anesthesia to complete. Most individuals spend no more than 45-60 minutes at the office total.

Procedure #2 – Root canal therapy/treatment

A root canal is the removal of a tooth pulp. This means that the nerve of the tooth has decayed, and it no longer serves a purpose. If an infected pulp is not treated or removed, it could lead to more serious infection throughout the mouth. In most cases, root canal therapy is between a five or seven, depending on the patient.

Procedure #3 – A dental crown

A dental crown is a relatively simple procedure, although it can take multiple visits to complete. The crown sits over a cracked, damaged, or chipped tooth to reinforce and protect it from further decay. On average, patients rate dental crown placements between a four and a six.

Procedure #4 – Dental implants and/or bridges

Dental implants do involve invasive surgery. The patient will need to be sedated, in nearly every case. The dentist will then implant the post into the jawbone, which the abutment and the crown will be attached once the implant heals properly. This procedure is at least a seven when it comes to seriousness. Although a serious procedure, it offers numerous benefits compared to not having a tooth in that same gap.

Procedure #5 – Tooth extractions

A tooth extraction could be the result of various causes. Whether you’ve sustained an oral injury, damaged a tooth, or need more room for braces, you may need a tooth extracted. An extraction, typically, is the last option, since it is invasive and requires surgery to complete. For most, this dental procedure is an eight or above.

What to Expect at Boulder Dental Designs

Now that you’re aware of the most common dental procedures, you will understand that going to the dentist is a benefit to your oral health. Allowing infections, decay, or injury to go untreated will only result in worse conditions later. If you’re ready to schedule your next dental checkup, give Boulder Dental Designs a call today!

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The Benefits Of Mini Implants For Dentures

Have you been told you need dental implants to restore your smile? Did your dentist tell you that having one or more missing teeth can cause oral health problems? It’s no surprise that when your smile is compromised, missing one or more teeth, that you will have a higher probability of getting infections in and around the gum tissue that’s missing teeth. Your tooth, root, and more is what helps keep your mouth healthy. When you have teeth missing, your entire smile could be compromised, allowing bacteria to find their way beneath your gum line and causing infections. This can lead to a higher dental bill over time and more dental procedures. Don’t wait to see your local Boulder dentist.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the benefits of mini dental implants for dentures. If you’re ready to see your Boulder dentist about this dental procedure, give Boulder Dental Designs a call today to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

What are mini dental implants?

The only major difference between mini dental implants and regular dental implants is the size. Those who are candidates for implants, but their gums, bone, or other factor don’t allow a full-size implant to be placed are typically offered mini implants to complete the much needed procedure, replacing a tooth.

Mini dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium, which has been shown to fuse the best with bone. The implants, once placed, are stable, strong, and reliable, even though they’re slightly smaller than your average dental implant.

Why choose mini dental implants?

In most cases, patients don’t get to choose between regular and mini implants. Your Boulder dentist makes that decision for you, depending on the allowed space to secure an implant in the first place. Most patients who are offered mini dental implants don’t have enough room for a regular dental implant to effectively complete the procedure. Nonetheless, mini implants were developed and created for those who have less space but still want to restore their smile!

Whether you’ve decided on dentures or a bridge, mini dental implants are easier to place and secure than regular implants. The size also means that they can cost less, which saves you, the patient, more money. Now that you know that mini implants cost less than regular implants, your Boulder dentist will still assess which option is best for you based on factors like oral health, missing teeth, and budget. In a high majority of cases, if you have enough room for a regular implant, you’ll be fitted for one.

Although mini implants are placed using the same technique as regular implants, they can actually be placed and fitted for dentures or a bridge in a shorter time-frame—in some cases in as little as one visit. This reduces cost and time to a restored smile for you.

Schedule a visit at Boulder Dental Designs today!

When it’s time to discuss dental implants of any size, whether regular or mini, give your Boulder dentist a call today! Our dentists and medical staff are committed to creating and offering a comfortable, stress-free, relaxed experience for you or your family at our dental office. Whether you or a loved one needs an implant dental procedure, we can help. Schedule an appointment today and let’s restore that beautiful smile of yours!

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The Truth About These 5 Dental Myths

For the most part, preconceived notions protect us. It gives us pause to ask questions about our well-being. As humans, we are innately curious.

When it comes to misinformation; however, we tend to find it tough to change what we think or believe when it’s been repeated so many times by friends, family, or colleagues. Your oral health is important, and you need to know the truth about the five myths we’re sharing in this post.

If you’re ready to schedule a visit with your local dental office, give Boulder Dental Designs a call today. Otherwise, continue reading this blog post to learn the truth about some dental myths.

Five Dental Myths Busted

Myth #1 – Snoring is not dangerous

Truth: For the most part, snoring itself is not dangerous; however, what snoring can do to your body is dangerous. Those who snore often tend to have what’s called sleep apnea. If you or a loved one snores, have trouble staying awake during the day and complains about being tired all the time, it’s time to get them checked for mild to serious sleep apnea.

Myth #2 – Bleeding gums are normal

Truth: If you notice your gums bleeding, you either brushed too hard, or you have the onset of gum disease. How serious is your condition? You won’t know until you see our local family dentist in Boulder. Nonetheless, bleeding gums are a sign that something more serious could be going on beneath the surface. It’s best to pay attention and not ignore it.

Myth #3 – Gum disease treatment is painful

Truth: This statement may have been true a decade ago (or farther, depending on the last time you visited a family dentist), but technological dental advancements now offer gum disease treatments that are virtually painless. Instead of invasive oral surgery to correct gum disease, there are now procedures that are minimally invasive and don’t require a lengthy recovery period.

Myth #4 – Dentures work better than dental implants

Truth: In a large majority of cases, this simply is not true. However, the patient’s oral health, lifestyle, and age all determine what is best for them. When it comes to specific dental procedures, dental implants are strongly recommended when replacing teeth. Implants offer more benefits than dentures and they have less maintenance over time.

Myth #5 – Teeth whitening will ruin your teeth

Truth: It depends. Your teeth are susceptible to damage by extensive use of teeth whitening; however, you have to overuse whitening treatments to do damage. If you follow your local family dentist’s advice, your teeth will brighten shades at a time and remain healthy. The best case scenario is to schedule a teeth whitening appointment with your Boulder dentist.

Your Family Dentist in Boulder

At Boulder Dental Designs, we’re all about educating our patients while we improve their oral health. Each patient’s oral health is unique and we address their oral issues on a case-by-case basis. When you choose us, you get only the most welcoming, relaxed dental office in the area. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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How To Avoid A Dental Nightmare

You’ve heard dental nightmare stories from friends, family, colleagues, or articles on the internet. But are you prepared for a dental emergency of your own? Depending on your lifestyle, cracking or losing a tooth is probably unlikely. Sustaining an oral injury is probably even more unlikely. However, it’s imperative you have a plan in place similar to an emergency escape plan for your home in the event of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

You want to know that if you, or a loved one in your presence, sustains an injury to their mouth that you know what to do, how to handle it, and who to call. In this post, we’re going to share four tips from your family dentist in Boulder, and we’ll also discuss how to avoid a dental emergency altogether. Read on to learn more!

Four Family Dentist Tips on Dental Emergencies

  • Lost a tooth. If you happen to lose a tooth, you want to keep it moist. Attempt to place the tooth back in the socket to cover up the root. If that does not work, keep the tooth between your cheek and teeth, or place it in a glass of milk. Finally, get to an emergency dentist immediately.
  • Broken or cracked tooth. Rinse your mouth and the affected tooth with warm water until all visible debris is removed. Then, apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth over the affected tooth to reduce swelling. See your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Bite your tongue, cheek, or lips. Rinse the broken skin with warm water, removing any and all debris. Next, use ice in a bag with a cloth to reduce potential swelling. If bleeding does not stop shortly after cold compress, seek emergency care immediately.
  • Toothache. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Use dental floss to carefully clean the spaces around the affected tooth. In some cases, a piece of food is stuck and causing discomfort. If the discomfort or pain persists, call your family dentist in Boulder to schedule an appointment.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies Altogether

In most cases, we can be proactive in our efforts to avoid a dental emergency before it has a chance to happen. This is the best case scenario. However, it’s important to prepare for the worst but expect the best. Here are three ways to avoid dental emergency visits:

  • Wear custom-made mouth guards during moderate to heavy contact sports.
  • Never use your teeth to open plastic bags, tear material, or open bottles.
  • Avoid chewing, biting, or crushing hard candies, hard foods, popcorn kernels, or similar edible items

The goal with dental emergency avoidance is to reduce the chance of chipping, cracking, or losing a tooth due to injuries, lifestyle, or accidents. As long as you stay aware and avoid situations or choices that jeopardize your oral health, you will reduce the chance of needing to visit your family dentist in Boulder for an emergency.

Your Family Dentistry Practice in Boulder

All of our patients and their dental needs are unique to their lives. At Boulder Dental Designs, we strive to accommodate each and every one of our patients on their journey toward sustainable oral health. If you’re in need of an emergency dental visit or would like to schedule a routine dental checkup at our dental office, call us today!

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The Top 9 Reasons To Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Do you hate going to the dentist? Is it a mild inconvenience? You’re not alone. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, only 64 percent of adults between 18 and 64 in the United States visited the dentist at least once in 2015. You’ve probably heard your Boulder dentist suggest you make a dental visit at least twice a year on top of any procedures or schedule appointments to address oral health issues. If you’re one of the 36 percent, don’t feel bad. It can be tough to visit the dentist, whether you’re anxious or simply don’t have time.

In this post, we’ll share the top nine reasons why you should visit your local Boulder dentist, even if you don’t want to. In fact, schedule an appointment right now to get started! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more!

Nine Reasons To Visit Your Boulder Dentist

Reason #1 – Dental health can impact your overall health

It may not be discussed very often, but oral health has been linked to systemic health, which means issues with your heart, blood, other organs, and more. Bacteria that develops in your mouth does have a chance of spreading throughout your body. Taking care of your mouth creates a better chance of you not getting sick later.

Reason #2 – A bright smile improves confidence

If you’re tired of staring at a stained, cracked smile, schedule an appointment with your Boulder dentist. You don’t have to live with a smile you don’t love. Once your smile is fixed, your self-esteem will gradually rise as those around you give you compliments.

Reason #3 – Prevent tooth loss

Bacterial infection, trauma, or other events can cause tooth loss. To best keep your smile in tact and healthy, you need to visit your Boulder dentist. Missing teeth can lead to serious oral health issues later down the road that cost much more than a dental implant and crown, bridge, or dentures.

Reason #4 – Catch bleeding gums early

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth or eat, you may have gingivitis. Left alone, this can develop into periodontal disease. Finally, if you’ve waited still to see a dentist, you will eventually begin to lose teeth. Regular dental visits can catch this unhealthy oral development and work to reverse it.

Reason #5 – Prevent periodontal disease

Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and more serious oral health issues. Routine dental visits can help prevent this disease and keep your oral health on track and thriving. Remember, bleeding gums, bad breath, and sensitive gums are a sign of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Reason #6 – To catch oral health issues early

Even if you have excellent oral health, it’s good to visit the dentist anyway. In some cases, oral health issues can brew below the surface—literally beneath the gum line—and surface once the matter is too serious to reverse.

Reason #7 – To maintain a beautiful smile

As much as you want to believe it, brushing flossing, and mouthwash are not enough to keep your smile perfect forever. Plaque will build up in places our toothbrush, floss, or mouthwash can’t reach. Fortunately, you can visit your local Boulder dentist to ensure your smile stays bright, white, and healthy!

Reason #8 – To address minor cracks, stains, or infection onset

Preventive oral health habits and dentistry is the most affordable, easiest route to take when it comes to your teeth, gums, and rest of the mouth. Dental procedures get expensive when you start having to opt in for invasive surgeries, teeth replacements, and more. Keep your oral health optimum and prevent all the serious surgeries with regular dental visits.

Reason #9 – Preventive dental care saves you money

It’s less expensive to see your dentist twice a year and prevent major oral issues from occurring than waiting until it’s too late to reverse bad breath, gingivitis, or worse. Take the time to schedule a checkup to make sure you’re staying on top of your oral health.

Schedule a visit at Boulder Dental Designs today!

After serving Boulder residents for years, the Boulder Dental Designs’ team knows exactly how to make any patient feel comfortable, welcomed, and relaxed in a dental office—especially ours. Whether you haven’t visiteed your local Boulder dentist in years, or you’re making your second annual visit, we would love to see you! Give us a call today!

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7 Reasons You Need To See Your Dentist!

You’ve probably heard that you should see your dentist bi-annually. You’ve probably also heard that you need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once a day, and use mouthwash. But what are you supposed to do when you get a toothache, have swollen gums, or start to have tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures? Most people “grit their teeth” and deal with the discomfort.

At Boulder Dental Designs, we encourage you to consider seeing your dentist if you experience pain, discomfort, or a general uneasiness about your oral health. We’re advocates of preventive dentistry, but we also understand your life is busy. You may not be able to see us every six months. If you’re in pain or simply aren’t sure what’s going on inside your mouth, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

In this post, we’ll share seven common signs people need to take seriously instead of ignoring them.

Seven signs you need to see your dentist

Tooth pain

It’s tough to ignore tooth pain, but if it comes in waves, you may be able to work your way through it. In fact, if you feel a pulsating heat or pain, you should call your boulder dentist on their emergency line. Toothaches can result from a variety of causes, and if not taken care of promptly, you may lose your tooth.

Swollen gums

Do your gums feel inflamed? Do they bleed when you brush them? This is a sign of periodontal disease, which can affect your oral health without you ever seeing it. It’s important to address any kind of gum disease to ensure your smile stays beautiful and your mouth healthy.

White spots

If you’ve noticed white spots on your teeth, and you haven’t had teeth whitening, either home or in-office, lately, you may be dealing with moderate tooth decay. Visit your dentist as soon as possible to address the issue and get your smile back to its healthy state.

Tooth sensitivity

When you drink a cold or hot beverage, do feel discomfort or pain in your teeth? How about pain when you breathe hot or cold air? This is a sign that you have sensitive teeth, which could lead to oral health complications later if not addressed promptly.

Dry mouth

Do you feel like you’ve got swabs of cotton in your mouth all the time? This can mean you’re dealing with gum disease or a systemic health issue. Your local dentist will be able to help you determine if the dry mouth is due to something happening in your mouth.


It’s uncommon for people to associate headaches with their teeth. In fact, many people simply take anti-inflammatories and continue on with their day. In some cases, grinding your teeth can cause stress in your temporomandibular joint, which can result in what’s called “TMJ.”

Bad breath

Otherwise known as halitosis. Bad breath affect those who consume alcohol, use tobacco, or eat intense foods frequently. This condition could also be a sign of inadequate oral health care.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist today!

Our mission is to provide the best dental care in Boulder — we’d be as bold to say Colorado — to our patients in a comfortable, relaxing, and safe environment. If you experience any of the signs in this post, call us today!

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How To Find The Best Boulder Dentist For Your Whole Family!

Did you just move to Boulder? Have you lived here for years, but are you looking for a new dentist? At Boulder Dental Designs, we would like to sincerely thank you for checking out our blog. We strive to offer our patients the best dental care in Boulder — and we’d dare to say in Colorado. Our mission is to give you control over your dental care without the burden of third-party insurance companies dictating which treatments you can or cannot receive. That’s why we offer a no-insurance dental payment plan in our office. We pride ourselves on being a dental office the whole family can visit. Want to get a feel for our relaxed, comfortable atmosphere? Give us a call today!

In this post, we’ll share the top four tips to find the best dental office in Boulder for your entire family. Not only do we want you to get the ideal dental care, we want you to love your dentist.

Top four tips to find the best dentist for your whole family

Start with online reviews and referrals

In the digital age, we’re able to review dental offices within a few minutes. We can make a decision based on reviews, comments, and more with a simple search of their business name online. If you’re searching for “Boulder dentist” online, consider checking a few different offices. Look at their reviews on Google to see what people are saying about them. While the number of stars are important, make sure to read the comments to get some context. A high rating with glowing reviews is a great sign. On the other hand, ratings with less than appealing comments may be a red flag to stay away.

Research the dental services offered

Even though you may have found a highly rated dental office in Boulder that has great reviews, you still need to make sure they offer the dental services you need. Visit their websites, search through their dental services, and then give them a call to ask any remaining questions.

Ask if the office accepts your dental insurance

At Boulder Dental Designs, we offer an in-office no-insurance dental payment plan to all of our patients, so the insurance question is less relevant to us. However, other offices don’t typically offer their patients alternatives to pay for their dental treatments. Nonetheless, make sure the office you’re researching does take your insurance before scheduling an appointment.

Ask if the office is kid-friendly

You can ask the question, “do you see children?”, but that doesn’t reveal much. Most general dentists in Boulder do see kids. You’re looking for a Boulder dentist that makes the extra effort to foster healthy oral habits, create positive dental experiences, and build a dentist-patient relationship based on trust. A child’s oral health habits are founded while they’re young, and it’s important that your family dentist is engaged in the development of those habits. At Boulder Dental Designs, we take those extra steps.

Call Boulder Dental Designs today!

If you’ve read this far, we’d like to thank you for your curiosity. Our goal with this blog is to help our readers, potential patients, and current patients, make the best decisions possible for their oral health. We also want to help their children create great oral health habits that will last a lifetime. If you’re still looking for the best Boulder dentist for your whole family, give us a call today! We’d be happy to discuss our services, meet you and your family, and begin to influence positive oral health routines.

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The Benefits To In-Office Dental Payment Plans

Don’t have dental insurance? No problem! At Boulder Dental Designs we offer an insurance alternative to our patients who don’t have insurance or can’t afford their insurance premiums. We understand that insurance can be costly. And we won’t even get started on our national health care system. However, our mission is to serve you with the best dental services in Boulder — we’d go as far to say the best in Colorado. Whether you need periodontal treatment, Invisalign®, or dental implants, we’re here to provide you these services. Ready to schedule an appointment, please call us!

In this post, we’ll be sharing the benefits of signing up with an in-office dental plan, and then share the no insurance plan we offer to all our patients who need it.

The three benefits to an in-office dental payment plan

Get great dental care at a reduced rate

Insurance premiums can be high, and their tough to pay when you need dental care, to buy groceries, or get the kids some new school clothes — yes, we said “or” on purpose. You shouldn’t have to choose between the necessities of life. That’s why at Boulder Dental Designs, we offer an in-office dental payment plan to our patients so they can get the care they need at a price they can afford.

Stop worrying if your insurance will pay

You can stop asking, “will my insurance cover this?” when you choose to go with an in-office dental payment plan. You and your dentist will work together to get the best treatment for your oral health at a price you can afford. No more questions. Just great dental care.

Cut the third-party insurance out!

If you need a specific kind of dental care, you should be able to get it, whether it be preventive, general, cosmetic, or surgical. Don’t let a third-party insurance company determine your oral health what it will or won’t cover. A dental payment plan allows you to work with your dentist and receive the dental care you need!

No insurance dental payment plan

At Boulder Dental Designs, we offer a comprehensive, in-office dental payment plan to our patients. This plan is not considered insurance, but it does allow you to pay us directly for your dental work. We can discuss your treatment, how much it will cost, and what you can afford to get the dental care you need completed. Our no insurance dental payment plan includes the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No more dealing with insurance
  • No claim forms
  • Work with dentist for cost and discounts
  • No waiting on preauthorization
  • No preexisting condition limitations

Your Boulder dentist says, “No insurance? No problem!”

At Boulder Dental Designs, the entire practice is driven by value rather than insurance minimums. This means that when you visit us, schedule an appointment, and receive treatment, it’s about you and your oral health, nothing else. Our entire staff strives to provide the best dental service in Boulder. Do you need to see a dentist? Don’t have insurance? No problem. Give us a call today!

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